What's your RVing style? Full-timer? Frequently-moving nomad or long-term park resident? Weekender or vacationer? (Wannabees, too!) There are so many ways to use an RV. Learn from RVillage members how they like to roll.

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What's your preferred camping style?

Think about what you might enjoy: RV parks & resorts? State parks and National Park campgrounds? Boondocking? Moochdocking? Short-term or Long term? and why? See what RVillagers have to say.

What is a “full timer?”

A full timer can be a full-time RV park resident, a nomad constantly on the move, even a dedicated boondocker—it's entirely up to you how you want to roll! RVillagers share their tips & advice on all the various aspects of full time life on the road in this post: The RVillagers Guide to Full Time RVing.

Join the RVillage Full Time RVers group to learn more.

Are you a “nomad?”

RVillagers share their passionate & re-assuring ideas about the definition.

Can you be a true RVer if you only move the rig a couple times a year?

Of course you can. You live/travel in an RV, right? Many RVers are stationary for weeks, months and seasons, especially people who are not retired and still working from the road—whether it be be work-camping, or reporting in to a 9-5 job from their mobile office.

Others want to avoid harsh winters and spend entire winters in their favorite sunny “snowbird” RV park communities found in Florida or the southwestern desert, then move their home on wheels to a cooler location for the summer months.

Quartzsite is a favorite among snowbirds in the winter!

Overnight “dry camping,” boondocking and “moochdocking”

Dry camping is camping without hookups, and can done at a rest area, truck stop, Wal-mart (or other retailer) or restaurant parking lot—always with permission. Dry camping can also be available at a discount rate in state and county parks & campgrounds, as well at some RV parks.

Boondocking is technically "dry camping," usually for longer periods of time than just an overnight stop, and most often out in the boondocks on BLM public lands or national forests. Learn more about boondocking and what your rig needs for you to be comfortable with this style of camping.

Volunteering & workamping are two ways that you can work-trade for your campsite, usually seasonal.

“Moochdocking” is parking in a friend or family member's driveway or on private property, with or without hookups.

Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts are two subscription services where you can stay overnight on host's property for free. (Not exactly “moochdocking.”)

Be a gracious overnight guest anywhere—get familiar with the RVer's Good Neighbor's Policy.

Share your Top 3 here !

Weekenders, Vacationers and even Wannabees are RVers, too!

You don't have to be “full timer” to be an RVer. You can be a “part timer” who goes out on weekends or vacations, enjoying the convenience & comforts of your home away from home.

LOTS of RVillagers don't even own RVs yet. That's ok, RVillage is THE place to learn from experienced RVers about the lifestyle. You're an “RVer” if you say you are! EVERYONE is welcome on RVillage!

It's ok to be a wannabe!

See all the encouraging responses.

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